Check out the website for the short film I got to Produce with one of my favorite people to work with, Tanner Herriott. Loved his concept and was thrilled he asked me to be a part of the team. We put together a stellar crew and pulled it off with no hitches. Tanner was so prepared, knew exactly what he wanted and remained flexible through the process. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Skit Guys

It's been a whirlwind of a few months! So many fun projects and trips. Africa, Colorado and Florida a few times. Projects on the horizon that I can't wait to step into. 

I want to highlight a crew that I've worked with several times over the last eight months. Skit Guys. Producer Brian Cates and Assistant Producer Adam Carter have brought me in on several projects and I can't say enough wonderful things about them. The "Skit Guys", Tommy and Eddie, are two of the most encouraging, talented, kind and thoughtful people I've ever met. I'm thankful for Brian, Adam, Tommy and Eddie's leadership in showing me how a set can be run. They make sure that every person on set is personally known and thanked. They make sure that everyone is taken care of. They are so prepared yet very flexible to ideas and brainstorming. And of course, they are making great, professional products that impact the world. I look forward to many more shoots with them and continuing to learn from their great leadership. 

Check out their website. Here's a shoot that I got to be a part of

Trotter Overhead Door Commercial

I just got off a three day commercial shoot with Tanner Herriott Productions and The Cryder Group for Trotter Overhead Doors. The commercial will show how incredible life moments happen right in front of your garage doors. Tanner is a pro at gathering a great crew and prepping well for what shots, lenses, angles, etc he wants. I was the AD on the set, as well as handle casting, props and some wardrobe. And making a pregnant belly (secret insider info: there's a kid's bike helmet in there). :)